The Fate Of America Will Not Be Decided On A Battlefield Essay

The Fate Of America Will Not Be Decided On A Battlefield Essay

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The fate of America will not be decided on a battlefield; it will be determined in a classroom. Since 1966, when the Coleman Report woke up the American people to realize the devastating trend of the dysfunctional American education system, an ever continuing trend of mediocrity has guided education across the nation. The worst part is – nothing with a positive net benefit has been done about it. The incessant pouring of money, the increasing of regulations, and the “No Child Left Behind” program have all done either nothing to improve education or instead exacerbated the problem. By the year 2020, 123 million high-skill jobs will need to be filled in order to sustain the economy, but, if trends continue, only 50 million Americans will be qualified to fill them (Weber 5). I write this analysis today not as an expert, but as a concerned citizen – one of the many tens of millions of school age kids who attend school every day. I believe that although the decline in the quality of the American educational systems is often attributed to the lack of resources, the decline in the quality of education is more appropriately ascribed to misdirected policies, loss of motivation, and the belief that there is a silver bullet – a superman – that will come to save America’s failing education. The increasing importance of proficient students demands swift restoration from the entirety of all communities – governments, parents, students, fellow citizens and teachers alike – of America’s education system.

Recently a study was conducted on the education systems of the top thirty developed countries around the world. The United States was ranked twenty five in math and science. Surprisingly, America is leading the thirty countries ...

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Another method of improving the education experience for students is the implementation of incentives for teachers. Teachers with incentives have statistically covered one hundred fifty percent of a curriculum whereas those without only cover fifty percent. Teacher retention is a serious problem for many American school districts. By some estimates, approximately forty percent of teachers leave the profession within five years of starting to teach, and more than fifty percent leave within the first six years (Weber 7). Because of this, schools will often be forced to simply keeping and hiring teachers – regardless of their skills. All of this is caused by a lack of motivation; a lack of incentives. If a teacher who can teach three times as much as the teacher next door, it only makes sense that the more effective teacher should be paid more.

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