Essay on The Fate Of A Victim

Essay on The Fate Of A Victim

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The Fate of a Victim
William Shakespeare once said “It is not in the stars to hold our destiny but in ourselves.” Is this always the case though? Is it possible that one’s destiny is in the hands of another person? Their fate decided by another person? Shakespeare contradicted his quote with his play, Hamlet. In this play, Shakespeare put a young Danish prince’s fate into the hands of the prince’s uncle. Hamlet became a victim of the uncontrollable greed his uncle possessed. His entire life turned upside down and it affected everyone he loved. The selfishness of Hamlet’s uncle caused Hamlet to go into a domino effect of undeserved pain. Hamlet tried used procrastination and sarcasm as a way to escape his trials but his indecisiveness helped his trials to catch up with him.
Sarcasm. What does this word represent? Does it express held up emotions, aim to hurt one’s feelings, or is it simply a way to poke fun of friends and then laugh along together? In Hamlet, the young Denmark prince uses sarcasm as a way to express his feelings about the death of his father in both bitter and humorous manners. When Claudius, Hamlet’s uncle, asked him, “How is it that the clouds still hang on you?” (I.ii.66), Hamlet bitterly replied, “Not so my lord. I am too much i’ the sun” (I.ii.67). This quote shows sarcasm in two different occasions, the first being anger. The Prince was astonished with his uncle’s indifference towards the death of the Prince’s father. Hamlet’s quote also stands as a pun that spins off of the marriage between his uncle and mother. The use of sun also stands for son in Hamlet’s pun. It explains that Hamlet feels betrayed and disgusted with the fact that he has ‘two’ dads now. Though Hamlet was in a bitter mood, he found a way ...

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...o not let his situation define who he is.
Hamlet has been through all of the nine circles of hell. He was a victim of circumstance. After his father’s death, he became depressed. His depression led to a chain of misfortunate events. Depression clouded his judgment, led him to become suicidal, and caused him to act irrationally whenever put in a stressful situation. Hamlet’s fate was decided by the selfishness of those around him. Though Hamlet may have had the power to reduce the amount of tragic events if he had killed Claudius when he first had the chance, he is not to blame for the overall pain. If Claudius was able to control his greediness and had not murdered the old king, Hamlet would not have gone insane, depressed, murderous, or suicidal. His uncle is blame for all of the death. Hamlet was an innocent son turned mad because of the selfishness of his uncle.

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