Fast Food Vs Local Restaurants Essay

Fast Food Vs Local Restaurants Essay

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Fast food vs Local Restaurants
More and more fast food restaurants are opening door in small cities also in big cities. The food industry in being taken over by not allowing local business to progress. Cites should limit the number of fast food restaurants to allow local restaurants so costumers could buy more local. Buying more local could bring more money to the community. Trying to start a business is not that easy it takes a good mind to know what he is doing. The local restaurants are growing little by little but yet it is not enough. Cities are allowing more and more fast food restaurants to enter their cities. They are not allowing for small business to progress if at every corner you see a fast food restaurant facing each other. Communities will benefit more from a local restaurant than fast food restaurant. As local restaurant gives more and more money to the community. Fast food restaurant receives a lot of money but only give a little portion to the community not like local business who give more money that fast food restaurants. Local restaurants provide more for the economy by offering jobs bring more people to cities to try their food where they can get anywhere else. Small local business provides healthier and better quality foods. Allowing restaurant to open many be a possibility that restaurant may become a popular restaurant in that community and in that area. Cities need to monitor the number of fast food restaurants in order the number of fast food restaurants in order to protect the financial stability of small local restaurants.
The fast food nation is growing fast and it is leaving not allowing small business to progress as much. Fast food restaurants continue to grow and erode the marketplace. Fast food r...

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... to the economy. The money that you spend in your community a bigger portion is given back not like fast food restaurant who keep most of it money. There is also the possibility that the money that goes in to the community goes to make the community a better place.
Fast food restaurants are keep opening restaurant throughout the globe. The open in small cities and bigger cities taking over the food industry little by little. We should staying local because a good portion of the money we spend goes back into our community. Limiting the number of fast food restaurants in the community would benefit both the community and the owner. It would benefit the community by allowing more small restaurant enter the food industry so there are more jobs to be offered. Local restaurants provide healthier food to the community providing fresh products in their meals.

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