Fast Food Restaurant : Wendy 's Essay

Fast Food Restaurant : Wendy 's Essay

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Have you ever been somewhere and it be more than it actually is? If so, was it a place
that you visit often and didn’t realize that it served another purpose than what it is known for? I
have a place like this, and it just so happens to be at the place that I’m employed at which is the
world-wide known fast-food restaurant is known as Wendy’s. Wendy’s is known for all of their
types of food ranging from chicken nuggets and simple cheeseburgers to their greatly whipped
frostys and bacon filled Baconator. I currently work at the Wendy’s located in Coal Run Village
in Pikeville, Ky. While I have been at Wendy’s, I have learned that Wendy’s is not only a fast-
food restaurant, but it is also a place that brings multiple clubs and communities of the region

You may be asking yourself how a restaurant can bring people together other than to eat.
Well if you have ever ate before with a group of people then you probably talked and discussed
about different ongoing topics and hopefully not about about different ongoing topics and
hopefully not about Politics and religion because we have all heard the saying of you can’t
speak of those things when eating dinner or food for that matter. Anyway, people come here for
different things like I’ve noticed on Sunday from around noon to about 2 o’clock there is usually
a group of church members to come and eat after their services let out. For the majority, these
people are dressed up in their so called “Sundy Best” and are hungry because they just got out of
a religious service that made them hungry for God and food both. At Wendy’s there are Booth
type seats in two rows and smaller tables with elevated seats in 4 other sections. There are also a
slightly bigger table with...

... middle of paper ...

...ant to eat at in the region because
everyone will give them a good work for not only their food and great, friendly customer service
but also their feeling of bringing people together so that they can come together and eat a great
lunch or dinner and have an “at-home” feeling because of the place bringing multiple
communities together rather it be church groups to high school athletes to the usual everyday
customers just wanting to have a conversation. If you have never ate at the Wendy’s in Coal Run
Village then I would greatly suggest it not because I’m an employee but because I know how it
felt to walk in there before working with friends and it just felt great to have such a feeling at the
place with a group of people! Come by and stop for a simple snack or a great lunch with the best
people that will make you feel like you are more than just a customer!

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