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Fast Food Obesity Essay

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Throughout the years, fast food is becoming more and more of an outlet for many people that are short on change, in a rush but still need to grab a bite to eat, or even who are just too lazy to cook a meal. Fast food is very cheap, yet when we eat it we don’t necessarily realize the price we pay when we are starting to gain weight. Who is to blame? The person that is addicted to fast food, or the fast food restaurants? I agree fast food is cheap, yet delicious. I understand that it may get addicting, I do not believe that it is the restaurants fault for your lack of self-control. Eating fast food all the time can put you up against some major health risks. As claimed by, “Fast Food and Obesity,” Every 4 out of 10 adults in the USA will become obese in the next 5 years if they keep eating this food the way they are.
Fast food started from basic stands on the sides of streets. It has always been connected with the expansion of urban development. When the urban areas gained a greater population the amount of food stands on the sides of streets did, as well. The United States is most famous for fast food. The first ever fast food restaurant was called White Castle; it was built in Wichita in 1921. White Castle had a very minimal based menu. It was mostly well- known for their hamburger. This restaurant was the start of the fast food chains in America. About 20 years later, one of the most famous fast food chains in America was created. McDonalds was built in 1940, and it was created as a drive-in restaurant with a wide-ranging barbecue menu. Later on, McDonalds had created a 9-item menu that consisted of: hamburger, cheeseburger, three soft drinks, milk, coffee, potato chips, pie, French fries, and milkshakes. As you can see, fast foo...

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...d psychological well-being, and explores the fast food industry's corporate influence, including how it encourages poor nutrition for its own profit. Fast food has a big supply and demand aspect. The more fast food restaurants in an urban area can potentially mean more people who are gaining weight. For say fast food restaurants in a rural area, where there are not many restaurants to choose from, and the less people are gaining weight. As you can see, taking advantage of all of the fast food restaurants around you can most likely cause harm to your future.

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