Fast Food, It Is A Guilty Pleasure Essay

Fast Food, It Is A Guilty Pleasure Essay

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Fast food, it is a guilty pleasure to most americans. Americans know the horrible side effects that fast food can have on them, yet recent data shows, (September 2016), that adult obesity rates are above 20 percent in all 50 states. Not just that, the childhood obesity rates have doubled in children and quadrupled in the past 30 years. In 1970, only about 15% of Americans was considered obese, and now in 2016, 20% of americans are considered obese. It is up to the new set of adults, (18 - 22 years of age), to fix this. This is because they are the new generation of adults that are educated in health and know what to eat and what not to eat, so it is up to them to try and fix America’s obesity problem. A lot needs to change in order for America to stop being the fattest country in the world. Things such as fast food restaurants making their choices healthier, reducing portion sizes, reducing the number of fast food restaurants in the country, and much more. Even though fast food restaurants can be blamed for a large part of the obesity problem, it is also up to the consumer to be able to limit their consumption of fast food. People today should learn self control, and limit their consumption of fast food, and learn to try healthier food.
In today’s world, it is common to go somewhere and see a lot of people who are considered obese, back in 1970, it was a whole different story, only 14.5% of adults were considered obese. Now in 2016, 20% of americans are obese, doesn’t seem like much of an increase, but America should not have this problem, according to recent data the U.S. has 36,180 gyms and fitness centers. This is the most out of any country in the world, so obesity should not be a problem, but according to recent data abo...

... middle of paper ... in the world, there needs to be a lot of change in order to change that. Fast food companies are not the only ones to blame. People need to look in the mirror and begin to accept the fact that they also have a responsibility to not eat all these unhealthy foods. A couple of things that need to change are portion sizes and the ingredients used in making fast food. Not only that, but people also need to learn how have self control. America is only getting worse, and it will keep getting worse unless the next generation of adults does something about it. They are the future of this country, and they need to fix this obesity epidemic. Not only is it up to them, but it is also up to people who are considered obese to look at themselves and change for the best. They need to learn how to take responsibility for their actions and not blame anyone else but themselves.

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