Fast Food Is Harmful For An Individual 's Health Essay

Fast Food Is Harmful For An Individual 's Health Essay

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In American society’s everyday busy life, fast food is a commonly consumed meal . You can drive down a single road and often find more than five fast food chains’ restaurants. In a society where people are always “on the go,” a cheeseburger meal with a large soda is very easy to grab, and inexpensive. Although people might think it’s just a hamburger and fries, do they really know what is in the food, and how it is going to affect their bodies. Fast food has become a dangerous billion dollar industry, and it is harmful for the consumers. Those who know the dangers need to inform the others that they are taking a risk by pulling into that drive through, and putting their health on the line. Fast food is harmful for an individual’s health and because of this, the government needs to enforce more laws to make the fast food healthier for our bodies.
Fast food has revolutionized the way it has been prepared and served over the years, starting out with “car hops“ that would come to your car to take an order and bring you your food, then moving to the invention of the drive through. This invention cut the numbers of employees needed and made it much easier to get food to the customer faster. Over the years, methods changed, but getting the food to the consumer fast has always been a major priority. On the average day, 25 percent of Americans will eat fast food once a day, So why is it so popular ? The main reasons are because it is easy, fast, and simple. QSR did a study and took seven popular restaurants and found the average amount of time it took to get your food. They concluded the average amount of time it took was 180 seconds, approximately three minutes ( The Drive-Thru Performance Study: Average Service Time). This is a...

... middle of paper ... people make the healthiest choice available to them( FDA ).
Fast food is harmful for an individual’s health, and because of this, the government needs to enforce more laws to make the fast food healthier for our bodies. You now know the effects that fast food has on your body and what it can do to you if eaten too often. Yes, it might be cheaper and more efficient, but overall it harms your body immensely and could potentially kill you. Not only is it bad in nutrients, but the viruses it can hold are far more dangerous. Our government needs to step up and overcome corruption. They need to enforce regulations and not let companies get away with ignoring them. In reading this paper, I hope your knowledge of fast food and the way the government handles it has increased, and hopefully, it made you want to eat healthier and know what you 're fueling your body with.

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