Fast Food Is Good For You Essay

Fast Food Is Good For You Essay

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Fast Food in moderation is good for you
There are two views for different people that have different ways of seeing things. People see the good which is, its fast, cheap, tasty, convenient, and it hits the spot when you 're hungry and in a hurry. Then there 's the down side to it fast food is loaded with calories, sodium, fats, and oils. Some of the meals on the menu are full of calories fit to consume in an entire day. People who are trying to watch their weight and calorie intake have difficulty eating at a fast food restaurant. My opinion on fast food is that even though people know that it’s not rich in nutrients and is unhealthy to consume they still chose to eat it. I think that the consumption of fast food is alright as long as they exercise. I do understand that not all people are able to exercise because of how busy they might be, but there 's always food alternatives. You can control proportion sizes and replace things to make healthier choices so the food you eat won 't be as unhealthy for you. Making different choices in the foods you eat can always help make a difference in your health. Being lethargic isn 't an excuse to blame them for the unhealthy foods that they sell. I think people should take responsibility in their own food choices because people know what they 're eating and still eat it and rather than doing something about being unhealthy they just blame the fast food restaurants for what they 're selling. Despite fast foods being rich in salts, fats, oils, and artificial substances that may increase the risk of developing cardiovascular diseases, people can choose to make healthier choices rather than blaming fast food for their unhealthy lifestyles.
Despite knowing that fast food menus are higher in c...

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...erstand that they have to hold up their end of the bargain as well. Eating and not exercising get them nowhere with their goals of being healthy. What people don 't chose to realize is that their own decisions are whats making them unhealthy not because thats what fast foods sell but because they have control of their own lives. They can chose to make a healthier option to have a better life with lower risks of developing any kind of diseases. People who enjoy eating fast food and are being a little active and not complaining about how much damage it is doing to their health in my opinion are doing good. Doing good for themselves and for their health. Fast food is very delicious and i wouldn 't want to have fast food restaurants to change because of people who cant take control of their own lives and do a little exercise for their own unhealthy lives.

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