Essay about Fast Food Is A Healthy Choice

Essay about Fast Food Is A Healthy Choice

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Fast Food has progressively taken over dining destinations in the previous decade. The availability and convenience that fast food restaurants offer has changed the way food is acquired worldwide. Eating out was previously sought as a reward for families to enjoy indulgent food without meal preparation nor the hassle of cleaning the kitchen after dinner, but in recent lustrums, period of 5 years, fast food chains have been the normality for dinner across the globe. Fast Food is a healthy alternative to a home cooked meal.
Healthy Food is considered to be beneficial to the mentality of an individual, not only to the physical attributions. With new healthier alternatives, fast food chains have met the criteria to be both mentally and physically beneficial if taken in in proper portion sizes that are regulated by the FDA, United States Food and Drug Administration. Fruits and vegetables can also have negative effects on the body if too much is consumed. Depending on what “healthy” item you are eating, there are natural fats and sugars that can be threats to the body in comparison on a smaller scale than saturated fats and sodium in processed food.
Meals high in fiber, natural vitamins, low in sugars and sodium, are considered healthy according to the FDA. Eating healthy food does not mean that one will in turn be a healthy person. Portion Sizes, exercise, and sleep play a major factor in the health of a person. It is correct that healthy food, requirements mentioned previously, is beneficial to the growth and development of the mind. The FDA rules that less than 100 g of saturated fat as well as 100 g of sodium for a full meal is within the healthy standards. “Healthy Food” has always been portrayed as food that is not tasteful, or...

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...o be considered healthy food when taken in to moderation. In previous decades, fast food chains produced food for profit, but have recently discovered that being correlated with the negative effects from offering fattier foods has declined their partnership with the mouths of millions of individuals. An example, Subway, boosted their company when Jared Fogle lost over 200 pounds by eating a subway sandwich every day for lunch and dinner stated in Does “Healthy” Fast Food Exist? The Gap Between Perceptions and Behavior.” Fogle enjoyed his meals with no mayonnaise, and no cheese; thus allowing to keep his consumption under 1,000 calories per day (Downs 429). In recent years, portion size has been addressed and alternative meals at fast food chains have been created. Individuals have the choice to eat relatively healthy lifestyle while enjoying Fast Food meals daily.

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