Essay on Fast Food Is A Good Thing

Essay on Fast Food Is A Good Thing

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Have you ever thought about why fast food restaurants serve you food that is so good and why you keep going back for more? Well the answer is fast food restaurants try very hard to get you attention by the food they serve. Choosing to eat out when you know that you can make the same things at home is a mistake. You should know that eating fast food on a regular basis is not a good thing, because it can affect your life in the future. Every time you eat at a fast food restaurants you are giving up your right to be a healthy person. Although some believe that fast food has no impact on them, the reality is that eating fast food regularly can really change their lives.
This topic was an interest to me because I am going into the medical field in my near future. Fast food can be defined as food that can be prepared very quickly and easily. Fast food can be very tasty due to all of the additional sugars, salts and preservatives. Fast food chains have to compete with other to keep customers coming back to their restaurants. Fast food restaurants have been around since the 1900s, but the food they served back then was much healthier than the food that is server today in the same restaurants.
Fast food has been changing over the past years and the recent years it has been very unhealthy for your health. According to Jim Algar fast food is unhealthier than ever before. Researchers from Tufts University have noticed that calories in fast food has stayed the same from 1996 to 2013. Researchers have surveyed the nutritional contents of all the extremely popular fast food choices such as cheeseburgers, French fries and soft drinks. Algar himself writes, “As recently as 2013, the researchers noted, one meal of a cheeseburger with Fre...

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...rger King, it isn’t so much about “healthy options”, but rather about “what is the least worst?” This is an important distinction to make” (Allan). Allan’s point is that all fast food chains have the healthy options and we need to recognise those options. I disagree with Allan because not all fast food chains have healthy options on their menus.
To Conclude my research, I still maintain that eating fast food on a daily basis can cause life threatening things such as obesity, diabetes, heart attacks and strokes. All my research reflects my research question on how fast food effects your health. Fast food can healthy if you choose the right things. I want you as my audience to know that eating fast food can also decrease your lifespan and also I want you to cut down of fast food. If you do choose to eat it you can ask for smaller portions or share with someone else.

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