Fast Food Industry : Motivating Workers Essay

Fast Food Industry : Motivating Workers Essay

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Fast Food Industry:
Motivating Workers to Better Futures

Womella Rambharose
MGT 315
Professor Robert Day
December 19, 2014
Fast Food Industry: Motivating Workers to Better Futures
For this paper, I will be going into detail and summarizing the issues, challenges, best practices and principles for organizational behavior applied to motivating employees in the fast food organizations. Also, effective and non-effective approaches towards employees, managers and teams, focusing more on employees to help them see their own potential. I feel that it is important for these individuals to feel they are going somewhere in their jobs because they work in a field where there is always need for more workers like themselves.
Just like any other jobs, fast food workers have many issues and challenges that arise, pay scale, promotions, job placement, and training, just to name a few. The major issue they face though is a common one, lack of motivation. These employees feel as if working in the fast food industry is a dead end and unrewarding job. They do not see growth or potential in any of their positions.
One of the reasons is they lack the motivation needed because they are receiving insufficient pay. They are currently fighting for pay that they believe they deserve. In an article in the New York Times, one worker stated, ‘‘I’m doing this for better pay,” said Crystal Harris, a McDonald’s worker from St. Louis, minutes before she sat down in the middle of 42nd Street in Manhattan outside a McDonald’s restaurant about 7:30 a.m. on Thursday. ‘I struggle to make ends meet on $7.50 an hour.’’ These employees feel as if they are not being heard and feel they are treated the way they are because of the type of positi...

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...recent years, but the cost of living has still increased making it hard for those who do not make enough to survive. To be able to effectively motivate employees, employers have to show them that they do want to help them succeed and that their positions are worth something.
The industry needs to also show their employees that they are willing to invest in their future. Different companies have different programs they offer to help their employees succeed, they just need to advertise to their employees so they know what programs are available. At McDonalds they offer their employees extensive Training & Development. On their training and development website McDonald’s states, “We believe in lifelong learning. We provide training and development at all levels to help you refine your skills, grow in your current position or transition to a new role in the company.”

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