The Fast Food Industry Is Becoming The Face Of America Essay

The Fast Food Industry Is Becoming The Face Of America Essay

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1. “Everything is bigger in Texas” and “In a New York minute”, these are expressions used to describe these states, but it is not just Texas and New York, it is America as a whole that shares this same mindset. We as a society are constantly on the go and expect to have our needs met in minutes. This comes down even to the simplest thing such as food. We don’t have time to cook anymore and we want fast and simple solutions that will satisfy our appetite. We expect our food to be bigger and delivered faster and it is one of the reasons why the fast food industry is becoming the face of America. There is a direct correlation between sustenance and health, specifically food consumption and illness. The consumption of fast food has become the fundamentals of the American diet which has replaced the home cooked meal.
2. McDonald’s, Burger King, Wendy’s, these are all well-known restaurants that have a place at our dinner table, but do you know what you are actually consuming and feeding your family? The food looks like food that you would mak...

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