The Fast Food Industry Causing The Life Sentence Of Obesity For Children

The Fast Food Industry Causing The Life Sentence Of Obesity For Children

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David Zinczenko makes a compelling argument regarding the issues of the fast food industry causing the life sentence of obesity for children. Perhaps, the arguments provided in his essay could have been well founded in 2003, however over a decade has passed, the industry has changed, and such arguments no longer hold ground. I will argue that in 2015, the responsibility of monitoring the problems which arise from fast food consumption now lies in the hand of the "Eater," not those who dish it out.

Zinczenko initially argues from personal experience that the only places to find affordable food for a teenager in his circumstance "was a daily choice between McDonald 's, Taco Bell, Kentucky Fried Chicken or Pizza Hut" (462) for lunch and dinner. Whether this may have been true in 2003, to say so in 2015 is an outlandish lie. Consider this, the cheapest meal that can be found at McDonald 's, in The United States of America during 2015, is a $3.69 Cheeseburger meal. If this meal was to be consumed twice a day for a month, the estimated expenditure is $221.40. Compared to the estimated ex...

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