Essay about Fast Food Has Been Growing Over Time

Essay about Fast Food Has Been Growing Over Time

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Fast food has been growing over time. There are so many options to choose from; there’s McDonalds’ KFC, Wendy’s, Arby’s, and other fast food restaurants. Fast food has become a habit for some people. Many people eat fast food since they might be too busy or too tired to come home to make food. Our ancestors weren’t exposed to so much fast food; the food was fresh and healthy for their family. Now people have so much food that their eating lifestyles have changed, there’s so much to choose from; tacos, chips, pop, pizza, hot dogs, cheeseburgers, and other fast food. Now our eating habits have changed and since there is so much different food to try, many people are taking the time to eat out of their home instead of eating something healthy and prepare their own food. There’s many reasons why people decide to buy fast food, the ones that play a role in our life are; change of lifestyle, advertisement, and new restaurants.
To begin with, lifestyles have changed a lot for both men and women. Now many people have become so independent, were as they work a lot and have so much going on that, there is little time to rest and take a moment. Many young adults start to work many hours, and that’s when fast food plays a role. For me going to college on campus was different, since I am a picky eater I didn’t like what the college would give for food, so my other option was fast food restaurants I would always be eating food that wasn’t prepared at home, plus I wasn’t going to drive all the way to my mom’s house just to go eat then drive back that would talk a lot to of my time. Women are starting to work long hours and they really dint have that time, where they would attend the husband, children, and do stuff at home, most of all the cook...

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...w our eating habits have changed and since there is so much different food to try, many people are taking the time to eat out of their home instead of eating something healthy and a well prepared food at home. Fast food may be nice when you are working late, since the only thing you want to do is go home and rest, or those great advertisement commercials how it shows the delicious food with the great effect of lighting, music and the person describing the food, as well there’s so much restaurants to try that you wouldn’t repeat the same one, of course there so much different food to try. But fast food does come with its consequences, your health since obesity plays a big role, a lot of money spent on fast food than buy groceries for home, and making healthy choices. Fast food may be delicious and easy and great but think again fast food does have its pros and cons.

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