Essay on Fast Food And Its Effects On Obesity

Essay on Fast Food And Its Effects On Obesity

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There is a small relationship between fast food and cigarettes where each one significantly causes long term problems. Similarly, eating fast food and smoking too much becomes dangerously unhealthy and both are addicting. However, the difference is fast food started off on good terms. It was intended as a helpful way to provide meals quick and ready, thus given its name (Aldridge 279). Fast food restaurants successfully expanded and became popular all over the world. Despite the worldwide success and popularity, it did gain negative views after weight problems began to rise. The food served from the fast food industry was never considered healthy and soon became the target for the blame on health problems, specifically obesity. Although fast food contributes to obesity, it is not the leading factor of the disease.
One way that fast food effects obesity is by advertising their products to children (Miller). In her article Food Advertising Contributes to Obesity, Patti Miller explains that the fast food companies are targeting kids and teenagers by advertising on television. The fast food advertisements are promoting unhealthy products as acceptable food which influences children to choose those meals. The American Psychological Association, an organization focused on improving the lives of individuals, expressed that with the exposure of different fast food commercials, children request to purchase these unhealthy products and cause the parents to be influenced by these requests. This concludes the idea that once children are encouraged by the commercials, they opt to consume the fast food advertised on television. Today, fast food companies are even advertising through schools by offering pizzas and burgers as school lunches, wh...

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... fried foods which is restricted to those with obesity (Wolin and Perelli). Hogan also noted that McDonalds and Burger King are fast food restaurants that regularly compete in the fast food industry. Since unhealthy delicious food has been on demand in the food industry for many years, these fast food restaurants compete by serving those foods to stay in business (Hogan). Obesity is therefore the outcome of the consumption of unhealthy food. However, people that are not obese do tend to consume fast food and stay healthy. Majority of the food in any other restaurants other than fast food restaurants contain fat, salt, and sugar. Thus indicating that fast food does not literally control the consumption of their products and cause obesity. Fast food only contributes to obesity by containing high amounts of those ingredients and continuously offering fast food (Hogan).

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