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Fast Fashion On Our Environment Essays

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Fast Fashion
“Fast fashion” is a term used by retailers for clothes that are taken from the runway and given to the masses in a short amount of time. Fast fashion is the reason why we are able to get trendy clothes for such a good price. Hearing all this you may think, “wow, this is a good thing” right? In reality what this means is that the people making these clothes have to work for longer periods of time for very low wages in horrible conditions. Also, fast fashion puts a strain on our environment because of all the waste it causes. That is why today there are companies that are fair trade. This means that the people making the clothes are actually paid what they deserve, and are treated how they should. I know if more people knew the truth there would be more fair trade buyers, and we would be able to increase awareness of what is really going on in the fashion industry.
Shopping is something I love to do, and I think most girls and guys would say the same, but how can you feel so happy buying this new piece of clothing knowing where it came from? Most people do not think there is a way of making clothes that is not ethical. That is because actually for most of history people would make their own clothes because buying something that was already made was extremely expensive, made only for the wealthiest people, even here in America. Over the course of the 1800s there was different inventors of the sewing machine making it possible for people to make clothes faster. Therefore, designers started hiring people to make their clothes so they could sell to more people. As the years went on there was more and more available clothes for the middle class, but most clothes were still made here in the United States. By the 1980s an...

... middle of paper ... in Fresno, and there they have a booth with all kinds of fair trade products. They are looking to have an actual store as soon as they get a bigger clientele, which I can’t wait for. There are also some clothing items at the produce store, Whole Foods. For more clothes and other products there are online fair trade clothing stores to choose from like, People Tree, Fair Indigo, Pact, and Thread Harvest.
We may not see what happens in these places, therefore it is easy to turn a blind eye and just go on with our lives, but it is not fair that people are dying for our clothes. When you purchase your next item from Forever 21, H&M, Topshop, or Zara think about what is actually happening in other countries. Choose fair trade, and not only help those people, but our environment as well. We can all make a difference with something as little as a piece of clothing.

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