Fashion Week’s Impact on American Society Essay

Fashion Week’s Impact on American Society Essay

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When I was young, I had a large appeal with fashion week. My friend and I would impersonate the runway models in my living room, dressing up in my mother’s clothes and laying stuffed animals out like attendees. This fascination carried into high school, I found it as an opportunity to demonstrate my style to a larger audience. Fashion week was intriguing to me because it provided a way to express myself in a unique way and show a side of my own creativity. I anticipated this project would give me a chance to learn more about the role fashion week plays in society.
The information I know about fashion week was gathered from personal exposure to fashion week. I know fashion week occurs twice a year and covers the fall and spring trends. It is basically the center to pop culture, for many trends are started and based on what is seen during fashion week. In today’s society there is a astronomical focus on staying relevant, which means following current trends. Fashion week has proven to affect the United States in various ways, specifically known for setting major standards for society.
During my research, I wanted to gather a general idea of fashion week such as the location, its history, and its occurrence. Also, I needed to know about the economic aspects of fashion week, specifically the affects fashion week held on the economy. Fashion weeks affects on cultural platforms proved beneficial because that’s where fashion week had the largest impact. Lastly, I wanted to learn more about the effects that occurred socially due to fashion week.
To begin my search, I needed to gain a general sense of fashion week and fashion week’s history, so I kept my search general with Google, “New York Fashion Week”, in hope to fi...

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