Essay on Fashion Models Of Young Girls

Essay on Fashion Models Of Young Girls

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Whether you realize it or not everyone is influenced or affected by fashion models through the media in some sort of way. I believe that teenage girls are a specific target and remain more so negatively pretentious by this. How so? Well throughout my writing I plan to tell you why I believe this is an issue.
Fashion models are aspiring role models to young girls everywhere. Young teenage girls look up to models in this way because they are; tall, thin and all around beautiful. Their weapon of beauty in this case is their use of makeup and even more so their appearance within their weight of figure. The construction of models being “dolled up” with makeup and having to portray their body image in a certain way, so much, that they have to have restrictions on their weight. They get all beautified then these models are exposed to the media on television, magazines and social media sites as well. “Media marketing has taken a negative toll on many aspects of adolescent lives. It is entwined with entertainment, fashion, and music, making it almost impossible to differentiate reality from fantasy” ( The idea of this source is stating that teenage girls see models in magazines, movies, television shows/commercials, etc. and think, “I want to be her, why can’t I look like that”. At such a young age, girls should not be comparing themselves to whom they see within the media.
Models are on the top list for inspiration to teenage girls, however modeling isn’t all that it appears to be. A former model for Cosmopolitan Magazine, Jennifer Strickland developed high effects of loneliness and depression. She turned to drugs and formed an eating disorder. “Dark circles under my eyes, cystic acne, and a fr...

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...n to be very high in occurrences within teenage girls. These young girls need to realize that just because these models they see appear to be skinny and have high confidence within themselves, does not mean that they are actually happy or even healthy. There is a difference in being naturally skinny versus generating an illness to become skinny.
Teenage girls all over America strive to become a model, strive for perfection, strive to be beautiful. What they do not realize is how tiring it is to be beautiful and keep up with the standard expectations. So many people lose themselves and how they are trying to pretend to be someone that they are not. The way fashion models deliver their beauty and show off their weight in particular, does not just affect themselves and their health it also affects young teenage girls that look up to them and copy their actions.

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