Fashion Meets Business

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Fashion Meets Business The Origins of My Interests Becoming a retail buyer is something I have thought lots about in the last few years. I’m almost sure this exactly what I want to become after I graduate high school and go into college. I absolutely love shopping and to be a shopper as a career and pick out different styles for stores, would be amazing. This profession also has a large business aspect to it and that intrigues me a lot. I have grown up always listening to my dad talk about business and the market and how “the business world” is very important, I’ve have just become more and more interested in finding out all about that. The world of fashion is something that I have always wanted to be a part of, and now, I am working my way there. There are still many things that I want to learn and find out about the profession of a retail buyer, such as: What’s the best city for me to go to to pursue this career? Will I get to travel around the world and buy the fashion items from other countries? How much quantity will I need for the stores? What’s the best school for me to go to? Is it best to buy for big department stores or little boutiques? How long will a style last until I have to go and change up everything? Will I work with a group if people, like a buying team? What type of business do I study exactly in college? The World of a Retail Buyer Experience It happened to work out that a lady that I babysat for was a recent retail buyer. She had opened up to me about being a buyer one day that I asked her about her job. Knowing that being a buyer was something that interested me, I latched on to her previous experience in the business. Each time I went over to her house, she would ... ... middle of paper ... ... retail buyer is exactly what I want to do. All my research that I have done for becoming a retail buyer have been crucial information and have made me certain that I want to become a retail buyer and go into fashion merchandising. Learning all this, I will take steps towards my future by trying to get a job Downtown Plymouth at Bella Mia and get experience in working in retail. Taking fashion classes in college will give me a good start for when I want to pursue the career of a retail buyer. Where I work now, there is a lady who is the buyer for our business, and buys all the clothing items and products that the customers demand. I can talk to her about her job and get a feel for what it is like. Helping her buying the product and deciding which ones to purchase would help me a great deal in this career. I have many sources around me and I will utilize them well.
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