Essay The Fashion Industry Of Sweatshops

Essay The Fashion Industry Of Sweatshops

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In the Nineteenth Century, the fashion industry began when the designer, Charles Frederick Worth, was first to place his personal label on his garments. Soon after this occurred, many other designers began to follow his lead by sewing their own personal brand on their apparel as well. Years later, the fashion industry boomed and designers could no longer sew labels on all garments alone. So, designers began to hire groups of individuals to do the jobs for them in small buildings called sweatshops. These sweatshops are one of the most serious problems for economic conditions in the fashion production industry.
Sweatshops produce more the seventy-five percent of clothing, footwear, and accessories used in the United States. Unfortunately, sweatshop employees, the individuals that assemble large numbers of garments, are forced to work in harsh environments, are paid unfair wages, work long hours, and abuse child labor laws. More than 500 pieces of fashion goods are produced in sweatshops a day. Because of the harsh work environment, some workers are subjected to sexual abuse while others suffer from illness due to inadequate ventilation available in their work rooms. Since outsiders began noticing these problems organizations have come together to try and force sweatshops to shut down.
To be able to shut down sweatshops but avoid a great number of individuals to lose their job, a safe and ethical way to keep fashion production jobs available is necessary. Labor Behind the Label, a worldwide campaign for garment workers worldwide, has proposed economical ways to campaign for fashion production worker’s rights (Take Action). This organization calls for data to hold companies accountable for their actions and signs petitions against ...

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...ot of organizations on campus who typically sale t-shirts for fundraisers. One can work with the university to make sure the t-shirt company used are sweat-free. In your community you can hand out info cards that explain what women and young children are going through to produce the clothes we wear and buy. The second and probably one of the most effective ways to spread information is by word of mouth. the main way we can try and end sweatshops is by educating others on this topic. Give individuals around you the information needed to take action.
Over thousands of sweatshop workers are being mistreated in all possible ways. The proposed solutions will achieve awareness in retail stores, community, schools and will educate others who are unaware of this problem. We must all come together and make an impact to stop this huge social issue that many are unaware of.

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