The Fascists’ Control of Italy and their Social and Economic Policies Essay

The Fascists’ Control of Italy and their Social and Economic Policies Essay

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The Fascists’ social and economic policies up to 1939 significantly aided their control over Italy yet may not be cited as the sole cause. The Fascist party’s social and economic policies along with other factors attributed to the overall control of Italy. Through such policies it was a certainty that the Fascist party would hold complete power over the population of Italy in each aspect of an individual’s life whether it was their leisure time through the Dopolavoro or at work under the corporate state system which was formally introduced in 1934. This complete domination of the Italian peoples’ lives could be argued to have been the instrumental factor behind the Fascists’ control over Italy up to 1939. Other factors which assisted the Fascists’ control of Italy include censorship of anti-Fascist ideologies and criticisms of the party, the secret police OVRA, political reforms and Mussolini’s personality. The censorship and intimidation of those opposed to the Fascist regime meant that the majority were too scared to speak out against the government and the press were heavily censored also, ensuring that only a positive image of the Fascists was conveyed. OVRA, the secret police, terrified the population of Italy and this enforced the idea that criticism would not be tolerated and severe punishments would be administered if opposition was discovered. The reform of the electoral system in July 1923 meant that to gain 2/3 of the seats in the Chamber of Deputies, a party only had to receive 25% of the votes. This system almost guaranteed the Fascist party the majority of the seats and therefore ultimate control over Italy. Mussolini’s personality could be argued to be an important reason behind the Fascists’ control over Italy; he ...

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...of the Fascist regime” (Tobias Asbe, The Fascism Reader pg 395). The Dopolavoro was greatly appreciated as leisure activities and holidays were available to all employed people of Italy due to the organisation. Although not heavily Fascist, this organisation was simply another way for the Fascist government to regulate the lives of the Italian people and therefore it could be argued that control of the employed up to 1939 was achieved through the Dopolavoro and so, this organisation was of high relevance to Fascist control.
The Fascists’ control of Italy up to 1939 could also be attributed to their economic policies. After World War I Italy was plagued with severe economic issues; all war-related industry ceased causing mass unemployment and trade union memberships soared meaning strikes were commonplace

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Tobias Asbe, The Fascism Reader pg 395

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