Fascism : A New Way Of Thinking Essay

Fascism : A New Way Of Thinking Essay

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Fascism is such a unique form of government, and it needs the right conditions to form. Unfortunately, for many countries, and Italy specifically, fascism typically begins to grow after the previous political system failed. The political systems fail during or after the loss of a war, resulting in serious turmoil and corruption throughout the country, even with a powerful, charismatic leader trying to save the country. The Italian political system was extremely flawed because the ideals of fascism were lost as Benito Mussolini’s charisma and appeal took the forefront. The people thought they had power when they actually had no influence, the country was deeply divided politically and socially, and the people turned fascism into Mussolinism without even noticing.
Fascism was a new way of thinking that relied heavily on the idea of political and social revolutions, which surprisingly appealed to the people in the traditionally structured South. Northern Italy was urban and industrial, which made it easier for new ways of thinking to take hold and spread. After the economic recession in 1907, and after Giovanni Giolitti abandoned his initial socialist plans, there were tensions and contrasting ideas among the different regions of Italy. Giolitti changed his plans and began to ally with the bourgeoisie and the Catholic Church instead of the workers. This new system excluded citizens in the lower and middle classes, and they had nothing left to turn to other than unconventional ideas. They believed that they had to turn to “revolutionary means” in order to promote their political opinions. Even though the South had a very stable political system, the mezzadri began to want more from the political system after socialism was not enough...

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...d geographic location all began to agree on the basic fascist ideals simply because it was not socialism. Mussolini never expected that many people to accept and support fascism, especially in the more rural and politically stable areas, but once the fascist support system was in place, Mussolini ignored exactly what fascism was based on, and led Italy as he pleased because the people supported him regardless of his policies.
Giolitti left behind a crumbling nation, and Mussolini came to fix the remains. Although his efforts in rallying the country behind a common evil—socialism—were successful, fascism and Mussolini only came to power due to the utter failure of Giolitti’s attempts to reform Italy. Giolitti was too radical and offended the elites, so Mussolini with his fascist ideology had the perfect moment to come in, unite the assorted blocs, and rise to power.

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