Fascism : A New Form Of Fascism Essay

Fascism : A New Form Of Fascism Essay

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Fascism is a Big Business-Big Government partnership that relies on propaganda to control its citizens. In the book titled Friendly Fascism, Bertram Gross argues that the United States and other capitalist countries practice a new form of fascism. Classical fascism can be defined as a government partnership with business that advances the political ideology of a nation. This political ideology advances with the help of big business and can be delivered through violence. Classical fascist states include Hitler’s Germany, Mussolini’s Italy, and Konoye’s Japan. Neo-fascism or friendly fascism is similar to classic fascism in that Big Government and Big Business create a partnership. The difference between classic and friendly fascism is that friendly fascism advances an economic ideology as its main objective. Gross offers a cogent argument claiming friendly fascism is prevalent in the United States. If (1) business and government merge to practice neocolonialism. (2) A military complex is created to advance an economic ideology. (3) A democratic machine is used to practice friendly fascism. (4) Big business and government manage minds through propaganda and monitoring. Then Gross cogently demonstrates that the United States and other capitalist countries practice neo-fascism or a hybrid fascism he terms friendly fascism.
After World War 2, the United States helped reconstruct the world in the framework of the American century with a business and government unification. Country after country throughout the world broke the chains of colonialism. Classical fascism practiced geopolitical imperial expansion through violence and subjugation. Bertram Gross explains how friendly fascism operates in a more elusive manner than classical fasc...

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...placent and busy through work and marching to the beat of the drum. Without instituting marching, friendly fascism is able to keep the public busy through electronic devices that include television, phones, tablets, and now electronic watches. These devices can be used to promote propaganda that institutes nationalism, patriotism, and most importantly, consumption. Indoctrination starts when individuals are young and subjected to child education programs. The propaganda targets all ages and affects all lifestyles. The electronic devices that are used for propaganda are also used for monitoring the public. Telephone conversations are recorded and kept in large dossiers. The data of the public is used for business marketing and to keep an eye on the public for so-called unsavory activity. Gross demonstrates that devices are used for subjugation and public monitoring.

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