The Farmer 's Program : A Major Issue Among Immigrants Essay example

The Farmer 's Program : A Major Issue Among Immigrants Essay example

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The Farmer’s Program
A major issue among immigrants is the lacking of education. Immigrants already have a hard life and need help to improve life for themselves and for their families. The solution to help immigrants is the Farmer’s Program. This program is for immigrants to receive an education and work experience that will better their life and the community. Many immigrants are not familiar with english, math, and the understanding of life in America. With this program, they will receive an education and learn everything an immigrant needs to know about how to become an American citizen. Farmers and immigrant will both benefit from this program; farm owner will receive help with crops and immigrants will receive help with their new lives.
The Farmer’s Program will be helping immigrants to gain a stable life in America. The immigrants will receive a free education, a place to stay, and three meals a day provided by the farmers for exchange of working on the farm. There will be two groups and each group will consist of five immigrants aging from eighteen to twenty-five. One group will work in the fall and go to college in the spring while the second group will attend classes in the fall and work in the spring. This will allow for the farmer to have workers in both the fall and spring while the immigrants will have a chance to receive an education. The immigrants can choose their education but they must obtain a 3.00 GPA to stay in the program. If the immigrants are having trouble in any of the classes, then volunteers from a church will be available for tutoring and will help with language if needed.
These immigrants are looking to earn an education but they also need to learn the foundation of this country. The immigrants will...

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...heir jobs because they are willing to do any work for less money and without complaining. The immigrants coming over only have limited amount of money and do not have an education. These immigrants are only getting jobs that many people will not want to do because it could be back breaking work or little pay. Immigrants are not stealing jobs; they need money just like everyone else to survive and to support a family.
The students need support as well as understanding because these immigrants had a tough childhood. These immigrants could never have an opportunity to gain an education plus experience in their life time alone where they use to live. With this program these immigrants have a chance to do great opportunities instead of doing illegal crimes. Not all immigrants are bad all they need is a chance and a little bit of help to get them on the right path.

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