Fantasy Island in Lord of the Flies by William Golding Essay

Fantasy Island in Lord of the Flies by William Golding Essay

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No parents, no curfews, no rules and you can have as much food as you
want. Every kid’s dream is to live without the rule of an adult. It would be,
of course, paradise. Right? In the novel Lord Of The Flies by William
Golding, a group of English schoolboys crash on a deserted island miles
away from any type of civilization. What starts out as a “paradise” turns into
a dystopia. The boys are isolated from any supervision and understand that
they can do whatever their hearts desire. Their surroundings are what cause
their descent into savagery and their loss of civilization. There are no
parents, which cause the boys to turn on each other, and they’re completely
surrounded by the silence of nature. The environment in which the boys live
in affect them and the way they acted more than any internal factors.
The first environment factor is that there’s no adult figures on the island.
So who’s to stop one of the boys when they get into a fight or when they
start to do something they know is wrong? The only adult like figure on the
island is Piggy. And he’s not that affective when it comes to stopping
something bad from happening. Piggy runs along the same age with the
other boys. So why in the world would they listen to a boy that’s their age?
“The fair boy said this solemnly; but then the delight of a realized ambition
overcame him. In the middle of the scar he stood on his head and grinned at
the reversed fat boy. ‘No grown ups’” (Golding 8)! In brief, the boys
understand they can do whatever due to the fact that there’s no adult to tell
them otherwise. No adult to tell them what to and not to do. Without any
adults around, the line between right and wrong becomes very thin.
Due to the fact that there’s no ...

... middle of paper ... did play a big part in the boys
savagery, yes. But only because they were put in a situation that allowed
the internal factors to make its presence known.
No adults, an island many miles away from civilization, and boys
fighting one another. Not exactly what you call a “paradise” External
factors are what caused the garden of eden that was the island, to turn
into a world of chaos. External factors that the boys experienced (nature,
other boys, no adults) is what led to their loss of civilization and their
familiarity with savagery. All of the boys have evil that lie within them, this
is true. But it’s all about the situation that they’re put in, in which it comes
out. The boys are stranded on an island with no one else but the sand and
jungle to keep them company. It’s no wonder they go mad and turn on each

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Lord Of The Flies

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