Essay on Fantasy Fulfillment Is A Good Job Description For Workers

Essay on Fantasy Fulfillment Is A Good Job Description For Workers

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Some would even say that sex work is becoming more commercialized and a sex worker is becoming more comparable to a mainstream worker. (Brents, & Sanders 2010) Many clients use the service just as regularly as they would stop for a cup of coffee in the morning. According to one professional sex worker she had sex with as many as twelve men a day. She went on to explain that the morning times and lunch hours were her busiest during the day and that the clientele were usually white businessmen looking for a quick hookup. (Breslin, S. 2011)

Escorts can be viewed as fantasy fulfillers to those who want something more imaginative. Some clients simply like the idea of the “forbidden” act and the arousal they gain from partaking in the sexual acts with a prostitute. Many clients like that they can become someone else during the experience. (Milrod & Monto 2012). Fantasy fulfillment is a good job description for workers in the sex industry, since it’s only about what the client wants and the sex worker providing the service. Most sex workers are already in some sort of emotional and mental disguise when they are working to keep their job identity and their true identities spate. Some even confess that, though a benefit to safe sex practices that the use of a condom can act as a barrier between the sex workers identities and that having unprotected sex with a client would be crossing over into their personal life. (Adriaenssens, S., & Hendrickx, J. 2012).

Another role that sex escorts play is a temporary partner. Many men and women find that their full time partners are no longer interested in sex or are simply “boring” in bed. This is more prominent in men seeking sexual release with escorts, because their wives are lacking somehow in ...

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...xplain that even in the “straight” jobs she had worked, she had to deal with suggestions and advances by her bosses. (Lucas 2005). Some sex workers will still see clients who they are afraid of simply because those clients are “regulars” and they are paid well for the services. (Brewi & Linstead 2000).

It seems that there are many roles that escorts play in society. Ultimately it appears the role of the escort is that of an actor or actress. The sex worker is paid to play a specific role for a set amount of time and it requires them to be able to play different roles for different requests. As with all jobs this one has its risks in stigmas, violence and harassment that is unlikely to become more regulated. Though it seems when comparing acceptance levels that males in fact may more accept in the society than females, which is an important factor to consider.

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