Essay on Fantastic Biological Voyage

Essay on Fantastic Biological Voyage

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Fantastic Voyage
Good evening! I am coming to you from inside a tiny submarine that is only 8 microns long! Now you’re probably wondering why I am inside a tiny submarine that has been shrunk down so small, let me explain. My assistants and I have been alerted that this healthy 27 year-old female has some form of bacteria invading the lower lobe of her right lung. I am going to pilot my sub into her lung in order to have a better look. My assistant will inject me into her femoral vein, that is located in her leg, and I will go north, through the heart into the lungs. My submarine also has been coated with a special substance so that the white blood cells do not think that I am a foreign object. I’m ready and the patient is ready, LET’S DO THIS!
I am now reporting to you from the patient’s femoral vein. I am headed north to her right lung. The femoral vein is one of the largest veins in the body. The ride has been smooth so far. I have been seeing many different types of cells go by my submarine window. I just saw an army of white blood cells headed the same way that I am. They most likely are headed towards the bacteria infestation in the right lung. I am also hearing the heart beat; it is making a LUB- DUB sound. I can also hear the blood flow; it is making sort of a swooshing noise. That noise is reminding me of the ocean! The right femoral vein is now turning into the external iliac vein; I am now by the urinary system and reproductive system. This is also known has the pelvic region. As we continue north the eternal iliac vein is now called the common iliac vein. As we continue on, the common iliac vein is now called the inferior vena cava. We are getting closer to the heart! We are in the abdomen of the body. There are diff...

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...s membrane helps to keep dust particles out of our bodies. There is also an extensive network of blood vessels and normally appears pinkish, (Shier, Butler, Lewis, 2010). So now we wait for the patient to sneeze. Chances our once she sneezes us out, we are going to come out covered in mucous! GROSS!!!
AH-CHO!!! The patient finally sneezed us out of her nose! That was a very enjoyable journey. It was so fascinating going inside the human body and getting an up close look at the cardiovascular and respiratory systems. It is just amazing on how all this is going on inside our body and we do not even notice it is happening. It is also fascinating on how the body automatically knows what to do when there is an infection of some sort going on. Now it you will excuse me, I am going to go take a shower. Something about coming out of a human’s nose that makes me feel icky.

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