Essay on Famous People Born in Illinois

Essay on Famous People Born in Illinois

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Remember The Name

There are many people to remember in history, they most of the time deserve it and sometimes they don’t. there are many from Illinois like Abraham Lincoln. some of the famous people are more modern like Walt Disney, Nelly, Danielle Campbell. Walt Disney maybe dead but his creations are very alive unlike Danielle Campbell other cast members. Nelly being a singer with his hard life. Mary Ann Bickerdyke a women that helped in the Civil War Lincoln along with her. These are amazing people that are rememered in todays society.

Lincoln was up for election in the year 1858 (Root 1). becoming a president takes a long time even now. He was up against Douglas. Many debates were involved and many speeches as well (Root 1). These events were made to persuade the audience why the candidate should be president (Root 1).
Lincoln-Speech, Debates, and Monmouth
To get the votes, Lincoln went to Monmouth Illinois to meet historians and many citizens
(Root 1). While he was in Monmouth he made a speech afterwards he went to the William Lafery house (Root 1). After that, he was done in Monmouth and meet Douglas at the railroad. Now that he is done in Monmouth, he is off to the 6th debate of the Lincoln-Douglas series. Even though Lincoln lost the debate he has a special place in the historical records (Root 1).
Lincoln-The Photograph
Many people think when they see Lincoln as a tall beardless man, that isn’t entirely true Lincoln was a normally had a beard. There 119 Photo of Lincoln. So far only one shows him having a beard (Root 1). This painting is valuable in remembrance of Lincoln. Because of what we think we think was always shaved, when actually the opposite. Lincoln, the 16th president, wa...

... middle of paper ...

... fans.
Many famous people were from Illinios some are not famous for the right reasons; but most are amazing citizens that do good for the community. Nelly made a carity, Mary worked at hospitals, Lincoln was our president. Some are famous for intertainment and for laughs like Walt Disney and Danielle Campbell. They are all amazing people that deserve to be remebered.

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