The Famous Innovative Designer Of All Time Essay

The Famous Innovative Designer Of All Time Essay

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Barker Freeman. Yes, that’s his name. The famous innovative designer of all time. Why innovative? You can’t just call a random picture of some fancy advanced technology, blue sky and green grass innovation. That’s nothing but putting a meaningful title onto something meaningless. But let me tell you this, Freeman is an innovative man not just because his name suggests freedom and innovation, but that he is able to mutually and naturally combine the existing trends of “going green” and the most valued progresses of advancement in technology within one piece of “art”.
Who would’ve thought years ago in 2013 that technology and nature can coexist without harming the development of one or the other? Freeman. He had this “wild” picture constructed inside him, hoping that one day it would come true. What is interesting about his thinking that is presented through the given illustration is that the ground we walk on is not just a group anymore. It is emotion sensing floor that changes color depending on a person 's feeling. Just look at that couple in black! They may look dispassionate because of their black clothing, but the mood sensing floor is able to show their inner passion and love for one another. The stranger in a white shirt walking behind them, however, does not feel the same way because he doesn’t have a partner resulting in a sense of loneliness. The passionate red color of the couple then shifted to yellow that might be symbolizing illness or loneliness. The floor granted humans with shortcut to communicate with each other, because we no longer have to guess what another person thinks and having to risk the eruption of a potential conflict resulting from lack of understanding or sympathy. These colors are then a more conveni...

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...from turning into heat and absorbed by the ground. It even have a hidden function. That is, it is moveable and has a light sensing ability, where it can move and bend according to the direction of sunlight that is coming in. Isn’t that helpful? Not just increasing albedo effect but also multifunctional as it acts as a shade since it reflects the incoming infrared light ray that may cause cancer without blocking the sun completely.
Even though, the “Piezoscape” is nothing but a mere imagination Freeman had, it is still innovative thinking since he used existing concepts and aims to create something that seemed impossible - mutual coexistence of industrialization and environmentalization. As we alway say “think before you do”, it is only with an outline of a possible future that then, accurate actions can be taken to cure the disease that’s slowly eating our homes away.

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