The Family Tree : My Family Story Essay

The Family Tree : My Family Story Essay

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The Family Tree
My family story took place in the middle of the seventeenth century, when Mexico was still part of Texas, in a town now known as Kerrville. This land has been in my family for centuries and still remains in our hands.
There under the hills of my ancestors, around a camp fire surrounded by my tios, tias, and primos, my grandfather Guadalupe Morales would lead us into a world that we could see with our heart and feel like we did the heat of that fire. This was the same story passed down from generation to generation through depressions and wars about slavery and strength, faith, and perseverance. It was a story of victory and family.
My family was of the Comanche Indians here in Texas, they were peaceful hunter gatherers and fishermen, my great great great great grandfather Milton Morales was around 6 years old, he was sent out to the river to help his mother fetch water. He took with him his buckets and fishing pole. Milton went on down the path to the river. He knew this land like he knew his mother’s voice. He set up his poles and began filling his buckets. In the Ripples of the once soothing river, Milton saw a face he had only had nightmares of, a soot stained face came across Milton’s innocent eyes. As Milton peered into his soul he could feel the cries of this Carrizo Indians helpless victims. This slaving, murdering rapist, this demon came seeking Milton’s life. Milton fought and fought he screamed and yelled for his father his brothers and uncles, but nobody would hear his painful cries. He fought and fought but like fighting a bear in the dark he didn’t stand a chance. He took Milton, took him for a slave boy.
Milton’s father and uncles went searching for him but all they could find were his pole...

... middle of paper ...

...ctly where he was going, some say it was his heart that led his way some say the trees or the good spirit, but we know he is the reason why we all have a great sense of direction. My great great great great grandfather found his way home, my ancestors remained not all of them but his mother, father and brothers all remained in the land that is know our land. He made his way atop the hill and into the clearing and there she sat my greatest of grandmothers hanging clothes they say she knew in a second that coming towards her was the son she thought she had lost. His father returning from the river fell to his knees at the sight of his little boy that came back as a warrior.
The tree still stands stronger and wider than ever on the bank of the river where Milton began his journey a carving of a fish remains to remind us all of the strength that runs through our veins.

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