Essay about Family Tradition : The Lunar New Year

Essay about Family Tradition : The Lunar New Year

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“When someone has the good fortune of still belonging to a family, every possible effort should be made to bring that family together” (Tapper 3). This sentence describes that people are lucky when they are not alone, they have their family to support and cheer on every moment. Thus individuals should do everything to increase their family bond. Family tradition is one of the valuable things which connect all members in the family close together. Traditions are various and depend on a specific family. For my family, though all members are usually busy with our work, we still gather and enjoy doing our traditional celebrations in some occasions such as the lunar New Year holiday, Christmas Eve and birthday parties of each member in my family. It becomes routine and a part of our lives. These traditions cement the family bond between members in my family, and we become more close-knit.
Firstly, the lunar New Year is the longest period that all members of my family are gathered. This holiday is the most important festival of Vietnamese, and we also call it “Tet” holiday. “Tet” holiday is the time to come back home no matter where people are. It takes place from “the twenty-third day of the last lunar month” until “the fifteenth day of the first lunar month” (McAllister 112). The twenty-third day is the day on which the Kitchen God goes back to his home in heaven, because he has to report all of the things that happened in the entire year (112). Also, everyone will start their vacations from this day onwards. On this day, my mother always buys a fish and then releases it to a lake. We believe the Kitchen God rides the fish and fly up to the sky.
The first preparation for “Tet” holiday is renewing my house. My father, my sister and I...

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...The birthday party is simply celebrated with a birthday cake, candles, Thailand hot pot, and some fruits. The special thing is a birthday cake, which is always made by my mother. We also invite some close neighbors who live near my house and some relatives. After the dinner is served, we will sing karaoke. It is the funniest time, because everyone sings and dances together. Our birthday parties are not huge, but rather a celebration of when each member was born. The valuable thing is we celebrate the birthday parties together with the lovingly with each member of my family.
In conclusion, everyone who has a family is luckier than others who live alone in the world. We should make time for our family in order to tie the family bond. Family traditions bring us together, and we become more close-knit. We will feel warmth in our heart when we spend time with our family.

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