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Family Theory Of Family Therapy Essay

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Family therapy is a branch of psychotherapy which involves working with family and couples in order to facilitate positive change and development. Family therapy emphasizes the role of family relationships on psychological health. There are various schools of thought in family therapy but they all agree that irrespective of the origin of the problem and notwithstanding if the clients consider the problem a family-related one, family therapy can often prove quite beneficial to the clients. Modern family therapy expands the definition of family to include not only parents and children but all the people who have forged long term roles and relationships and may not necessarily share any relationship by blood or marriage (1).
Family therapy uses a wide variety of techniques which involve counseling such as structural therapy (identifies the organization of the family system and tries to re-order them), strategic therapy (keys on patterns and trends in interactions between members of a family), systemic therapy, narrative therapy and a host of others.
The structural model of family therapy is a method of psychotherapy primarily attributed to Salvador Minuchin (2). It is a model that encompasses theory and techniques which approach individuals in terms of their social and relational contexts. It was developed in order to aid in therapy of families and younger people. One of the cornerstones of this theory is conflict and distress within families can be understood not only in terms of the relationships within which distress happens but in also acknowledging that it is these very relationships that are potentially causing the distress. This model places a large emphasis on the way family members interact and mentions that communication is...

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...loys is the “Miracle Question”. This unusual sounding tool is a powerful in generating the first small steps of ‘solution states’ by helping clients to describe small, realistic, and doable steps they can take as soon as the next day.
Unlike traditional models, this model is quite uncomplicated and does not devote lot of research and resources in understanding the complications of the dynamics of a family and modeling these interactions. Since, solution focused therapy aims to develop realistic solutions as quickly as possible, rather than keeping people in therapy for long periods of time, it does not concern itself with building complicated theories to model family dynamics and getting to the root of the problem. Instead it just comes up with viable solutions which may have worked for the clients in the past and which have the potential to solve the client’s issues.

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