The Family Systems Theory Point Of View Essay

The Family Systems Theory Point Of View Essay

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Families experience many shifts in their lives. Some shifts are positive, but others are negative. When the shifts are negative many families cannot find a clear solution for their problems and they seek someone to blame. We will discuss the Olson’s family situation from the Family Systems Theory point of view.
The Olson’s family experienced a shift in their life when John and Susan lost their jobs, and when their 3 year old daughter died in a car crash. According to Smith and Hamon (2012), a family is composed of many members who have their own roles and expectations, and when those roles or expectations are broken, families experience difficulties. (Smith, and Hamon 2012). Based on the Family Systems Theory, families need to be viewed as a whole and not as individual components (Smith and Hamon 2012). Every family has members, and every member makes up a family. When a member of the family fails to fulfill his or her role, the family suffers as a whole. The Olson’s family started breaking apart because they lost a few components from their family. One of the components that were missing in the family was John’s fulltime job. When John lost his job, the family started to experience tension in the house because the roles in the family shifted. Susan became the main provider and John became the stay home husband. One of the problems encountered when John lost his job was that the family could not afford to pay for a babysitter for their 3 year old daughter. Susan was not happy with the way John was taking care of the home which caused the marriage to experience some tension. Smith and Hamon (2012) point out that families encounter many stressors as they develop, but depending on how the families deal with the stressor would depend...

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...ool’s age stage family cycle. However, the drastic event of the death of their 3 year old daughter caused them to experience a change in their life cycle. Smith and Hamon (2012) explain that not all the families experience a sequence of events. The Olson’s family, expected to have a sequence of events without overlapping one another. They planned to enjoy their children, go on vacations, safe money for their children’s education and plan for a great retirement plan. However, as time passed, those dreams collapsed due to the circumstances they faced along the way. Time was critical for the Olson family. Instead of time being on their favor, it worsens their situation because significant events occurred as time passed. Time caused the youngest daughter’s dead, Susan to lose her job, the children to do poorly at school, and it also caused John to become a heavy drinker.

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