Essay on Family System Lens Contextualist Theory Mapping

Essay on Family System Lens Contextualist Theory Mapping

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Family System Lens-Contextualist Theory Mapping
My experiences and relationships nurtured my development, as it molded me into the person I am today. Urie Bronfenbrenner’s bioecological theory states children are affected by their environment and interactions through direct and indirect contact. This shed light on my development at seven years old as I remember being told that I needed to be supervised at all times, because there was a great fear of strangers kidnapping children. Therefore, this event cultivated a different dynamic on how parents raised their children and let them play. I was shown this difference when hearing stories about how my dad grew up at my age. I also was shown another difference when I compared my childhood to my friends who had two working parents. My mom was a stay-at-home parent which allowed more flexibility when it came to scheduling spontaneous playdates after school. Another advantage to my mom being a stay-at-home parent was she provided daily care to my cousins, therefore forging close ties to my extended family. This greatly impacted my development as it fostered my values and attitudes which I hold today.
In the 1990’s stranger danger incited fear in the nation as many young children were being abducted. Therefore, creating a hypervigilant watch system which required parents and childcare providers to supervise children at all times; even if they were just crossing the street or walking from the car to the softball field. This was supposed to ensure a child remained safe at all times. This created a shift on how children were raised and how they played. My dad often shares stories about when he was four years old he would tell my grandma he was going out and would go to his neighbor’s house. ...

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... extended family. My cousins were always over my house; I remember doing arts and crafts, playing school, and so much more. This fostered a close relationship with my cousins, causing us to see each other more like siblings rather than cousins. This is a relationship which continues today. My childhood created a stable foundation for which we continued into our teenage and adulthood years. However, as we grew up we became involved in different activities and saw each other less, but we continued to hold this deep seeded bond we forged during our early childhood. This greatly influences my values and attitudes. I share my parents’ belief that family comes first. I also show the attitudes of providing family support and encouragement; not just for my nuclear family but my extended family. My early childhood influenced me and is a guiding light on how I live my life.

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