Family Supports Theory And Practice Course Essay

Family Supports Theory And Practice Course Essay

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It has been more than nine weeks since I had entered CVFS403: Family Supports Theory and Practice. The course is about to end and I have enjoyed all aspects of it. Throughout my educational studies, I’ve always associated myself with courses that helps to improve my knowledge in ways to work better with others. The main reason I entered this course is because I certainly enjoy helping people and thought it might prove useful for me in the future. When I enrolled in the family support, theory and practice course, I expected to learn a range of ways to give support for children, their families and persons with disabilities from various settings. After spending ten weeks in the course, I am glad that I had made this choice. Thus far, this course has surpassed my anticipation due to the different lessons we have covered from an introduction to family support and discussions on community development.
The first week of the course we were able to introduce ourselves and learnt about other classmates. The professor and other classmates have proven very supportive. Valerie is an amazing teacher and she has encouraged me to expand my learning through the discussions and assignments. She was always responsive to my concerns and doubts. She has also been helpful in my assignments and providing constructive feedback. I am very thankful that she shared some of her personal experiences with us.
I have learnt a lot of important lessons in this course about working with people. The weekly discussions have had the biggest impact on my learning experience in this course because it drives me to think on a deeper spec when I responded to questions and others posts. As well, it provided me with the opportunity to explore the experiences, beliefs and ...

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...r resources available to them in their community” (, 2015). I strongly believe in enabling families and their community so that they can become active people and take care of situations in the long run. I respect that the focus of family support is to establish strength in help-seekers; to help them become self-determine, and in turn they can assist in providing services to others. I will carry on with this practice because in a way it opens doors to develop many more helpers.
Aside from the above mentioned, I have learned a great deal of skills that are required to work progressively in a family support environment. These include punctuality; based on assignments and discussions, being open minded; to express myself based on the readings and personal experiences, and understanding family concepts to be able to apply them into practice.

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