Family Support At The Kid 's Center Of Bend Oregon Essay

Family Support At The Kid 's Center Of Bend Oregon Essay

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Family support is a simple concept of helping families through means of advocacy, and support. This career takes place in a fast paced career that, to some people, has an overwhelmingly large amount of responsibility, but finds the job fulfilling. Kirsten, a specialist who works in Family support at the KID’s center of Bend Oregon, says people working in family support mainly work with families and helping provide resources needed in order to function properly, advocating for the family, and helping them cope with traumatic moments in their development. Specialists in her field help the family by giving them resources like a list of food banks, and also support a family through a tragic experience while doing their best to advocate for them. Advocating for a family includes activities like
Though Family Support is the typical name for the position, it has many other names such as, “Family advocate,” depending on the non-profit or other organization that is providing the employment. Because of the varying names for this position, it’s hard to track the exact statistics and information, but it is always the same job with a different name. For example, Bend Oregon’s Head Start calls them family advocates, while other locations call them advocates or family support (Deann Curtis.)
Family support specialists do a wide variety of tasks, but always for the same end goal; to support the family. Typically, an average day for someone working in family support consists of meeting with clients, and supporting them in any and all necessary ways. When first meeting with a family, the professional will do an assessment on what the family needs. A critical part of the job is understanding the needs of the family, until that, famil...

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...field you’re even less likely to earn thirty thousand a year because the field is extremely bias toward women. Over 80% of family support workers are female, which shows how it may be difficult for a man to enter this field and succeed when it leans more so to women.
However, the positives appear to weigh out the negatives. Though the pay isn’t extraordinary, and it can be a stressful environment, the satisfaction rate in this field is high. One professional in the field that I interviewed, Kristen, definitely believes the good outways the bad and expressed to me that she is very please with her job because her career is very rewarding Working in family support allows individuals to make an impact in their community, When counting both negative and positive aspects of this job, it still have generally good conditions with many benefits beyond payscale.


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