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Family Structures And Family Structure Essay

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1. As Gerson argues, any family structure whether having a breadwinner father or both parents contribute to the income earning; or having two biological parents or a single parent living together does not necessarily signify the best or the worst family structure for the children or neither the representation of family stability. Family structure does not matter for the children if their families cannot provide a safe and connected relationship, emotional caring and economic support. Indeed, what matters for the children is the family pathway they experience. Family pathway is looking at a long-term process of a family life while family structure is produced at the moment in time. Children who share the similar family structure might follow different paths and therefore have different impacts on the children.
There is an example from the book where there are two girls named Nina and Mariela who both have experienced parental breakups but the events have leaded them with different impacts. While Nina suffered emotional trauma from her parental breakup, Mariela did not. It is because they followed different paths. Nina experienced emotional trauma from her parent’s breakup because her biological father abandoned her and her mother emotionally, physically, and economically. On the contrary, Mariela thought her parental breakup actually brought relief to a household because the event brought her a better relationship with her father and although her father remarried, she was still able to receive emotional care and economic support.
This example implies that family structure is not as crucial as family pathway for the children of the gender revolution because even though the children have a similar family structure, based on the d...

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...fter marriage is the ideal way, their backgrounds and circumstances such as not having a trustable marriageable mate and being financial unstable have prevented them to meet the ideal. Given the circumstances they are in and the belief that children need two parents, they believe not being married do not interfere their role as parents.
After observing the findings and conclusions, it shows that the main causes of the rise in single parenthood are the lack of education, marriage and high quality relationship. To combat this phenomenon and its negative consequence, which is child poverty, policy makers should increase the financial aid for those who meet the poverty threshold and set a goal that everyone should have a college degree; and facilitate programs that promote healthy relationships and provide relationship skill trainings in high school and the community.

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