Family Structure Of Western Americanized Families Essays

Family Structure Of Western Americanized Families Essays

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“Families come in all shapes and sizes. Regardless of the configuration, the one universal descriptor is that families are diverse in nature” (Mark Hanson 43). While many people assume that western Americanized families lack a culture, my family’s characteristics, beliefs, heritage and values still differentiate amongst other cultures and add to our diverse community and world. My immediate family consists of four persons – my mother, Geraldine, who is fifty-eight, my father James, who is sixty-one, my older brother Patrick who is twenty-three, and I being twenty. My brother and myself are third generation American-Citizens. We live in the same exact house in Somerville, Ma that my great-grandparent’s, on my mother 's side, built when arriving in the United States from Ireland in the 1840’s. I attended the same Sunday school and high school that my grandparents and great grandparents attended – this creating a certain sense of stability within my family for our environment, community and home base has a lot of family structure enforced within in. My family are practicing Roman Catholics, which at times leads to challenging encounters when it comes to different beliefs that do not happen to be accepted by our faith, such as my strong belief in equality and rights for all persons, however our religion has an immense impact on our lives and due to both my parents ' sharing the same ideology, our religion for the most part “contributes to our family’s signature” (Eleanor Lynch 79). When times get tough, we always place our faith in God as a coping mechanism. As early as I can remember we always prayed at night and counted our blessings alongside the notion that we should never take anything for granted. Both my parents grew up with li...

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...-style struggles. Also, being from Somerville, a very diverse City, I have been exposed to many cultures, ethnicities and backgrounds to which I feel will also help in my profession and working with families. Being brought up in diversity I am very open and accepting of all cultures and understand the importance of representing different cultures in the classroom through books, dramatic play costumes and tools and even just being acknowledgeable of different cultural backgrounds and how they socialize and live in environments. Teaching children, especially from diversity, different social settings, experiences, class and status, It is important to take my skills and create an education center to be a place where children can feel loved, despite any illness, societal issue, poverty, and domestic violence, which will allow them to be open and harmonize with each other.

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