Family Structure Of The Mexican American Culture Essay

Family Structure Of The Mexican American Culture Essay

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Family is the fundamental base to learn patterns associated with behavior in society. Mexican-Americans are the largest ethnic minority group in the United States. The Mexican-American culture is mostly based on traditions and values that are pass on from generations. This is one of the main cultures in which parents teach their children the same ideals, values, norms and social roles they were taught while growing up. For Mexican-American family is essential and fundamental for their culture. The role the family plays in the development of children will influence the way they will behave in the future. Usually the family structure of this culture is based on the ideal of familism. Familism is common in Mexican descendants because it highlights the importance of family unity and dependence (Kline, Killoren, & Alfaro, 2016). Familism is significant because it can create strong bonds between the parent and their offspring. Because of this, family ties are strong in the Mexican-American culture. However, different hierarchy roles show the difference between the roles of a male and a female when it comes to the roles they play in their family.
First, when it comes to families, males are view as the breadwinners. Usually the male is considered the head of the house and the authority figure. The reason why males generally have more authority in the Mexican-American culture is mostly related to the fact that they are usually the only economic provider on the household. Furthermore, the behavior of males can be greatly influence by the machismo culture. Machismo is characterized by the behavior of males which try to portray an image of superiority and dominance which is reinforced by society, culture, norms and values (Segrest, Romero, &...

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...seen as having a relation in the gender discrimination in family roles. Usually males are believe to be the dominant gender while women are supposed to portray the soft and compliant side of the family. Women in this culture are expected to always care about the well been of others, especially the members of their family. What a male and a female are able to achieve within their family is mostly influenced by the culture and society around them. For example, some might considered that the value of a female is measure by seeing if she is a good mother and wife. In contrast, the value of a male can be measure by seeing if he is a good provider to his family. To sum up, the Mexican-American culture has family roles just like any other culture the issue with this is that it usually tends to focused on the traditional roles which are male breadwinner and female homemaker.

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