Family Structure Of A Kinship Essay

Family Structure Of A Kinship Essay

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A kinship is relationships found in societies that is determined by birth or marital connections. While interviewing my colleague Jessica, I learned about her kinship and how her family structure works. She has close relations with all of her nuclear and extended family. In addition, Jessica kinship taught me about how the United States has certain norms for family structures, and her family does not conform to them.

In Jessica’s family structure the men are the head of the household. They are responsible for the family’s finances and ensuring the family is well provided for. The men are the main source of income. In addition, they are the ones that make the rules within their household. He is responsible for making all the family decisions whether it is finances or other important decisions to be made. In addition, while the father is away from home for work or other issues the oldest son is then responsible for the family while the father is away. However, the women in her kinship have begun to work and make little in income. But they do not make enough to support the entire family. The women although they are working are still responsible for the maintenance of the household. They are responsible for doing all the cooking and cleaning as well as looking after the children. Women also have little say in decision-making because the men are supposed to make the decisions that will be best for the entire family

To begin the analysis of Jessica’s Kinship, she has a bilateral descent. Therefore, she was raised knowing both her mother and her father’s side of the family. Both of her parents had three siblings two sisters and one brother. She is closely connected to both sides of the family because they all lived in the s...

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...d support the family financially. The women are encouraged to go out into the working field, but they are also responsible for the domestic work. At young ages the women are taught how to cook in clean to be successful within their home. Also, the men are taught to go out and do labor work whether it is working on yard work or helping their fathers at work.

In learning about Jessica’s kinship and reading Delaney’s work about relations among people and their families it is clear to the United States social norms for families. However, times are changing and what was considered a social norm has changed. Today, we see different kinships that we did not see before. It used to not be common for people to be divorced but now it has become an issue see often. Kinships are social because it is not longer about only about blood ties but where you feel nurturance.

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