Family Structure And Value Of Kinship Essay

Family Structure And Value Of Kinship Essay

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Family Structure and Value
Kinship is used to describe the relationship that exists between entities or individuals through blood, marriage, or other medical and socio-cultural arrangements. With the realm of anthropology, the kinship system can serve as our network of relatives and their connections within social groups, culture, and society. Kinship is important because it teaches people about the most basic part of culture: the family. My kinship chart demonstrates a system of bilinear descent; every individual is a member of both parents’ lineages. Traditionally, the paternal line of descent was also emphasized in the traditional kinship system. Individuals were identified by their connections through the father’s male bloodline and they inherited the father 's last name. Men assumed their primary obligation for maintaining his ancestor observances. In a similar manner, there were also patrilineal descent groups that both men and women inherited property and were equally important in maintaining strong kin relationships, such as having the same middle name according to gender thru generations. The Vietnamese retain much of their own custom and tradition despite the great influence of Chinese culture and Western doctrine.
According to Schneider, biogenetics and law or marriage determines. Blood relationships are more valued than marriage relationships because it is considered a product of nature that deems to be more permanent. In contrast to Schneider’s argument, in my culture, both blood and marriage relationships are equally valued. Of course, we behave and take care of our blood relatives differently than our relatives in law but the difference is very little and there is a stronger sense of equality over inequality. On a ...

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...values may change due to a different expression to different surroundings. A rural person is more likely to be a farmer where an urban person is more likely to be a professional. This reflects my maternal family where the thought of value has changed as my uncles exposed to a different environment, creating the distance with the thinking of relatives in Vietnam.
Value has the ability to appear ordinary, but for some people value sets the foundation of their lives. Family is the cornerstone of the Vietnamese society and we values formality and tradition. Vietnamese values are very different and often appear to be reserved and non-responsive by American standards because it is too culturally oriented. Different family structure, life experiences, and rulings in the household have all influenced and refined the values within Vietnamese families across the world.

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