Family Strength And Stressors Within A Family Essay

Family Strength And Stressors Within A Family Essay

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Growing up in a large family has impacted my view on what a family should be like and what kind of stressors and strength can be met when living with several children. When approaching this topic of living as a large family, most of my thoughts on it are positive, and the strength of having several siblings can overcome the stressors the family might have. The purpose of this paper is to discuss the family strength and stressors within a family with several children. This paper will introduce and explain some of the advantages and disadvantages a family with several children might encounter.
Living in a large family can bring a lot of joy. But there are some stressors that can be pointed out. In general, a family who has a lot of children live as a middle class in society. Children from a large family often have to share a room, which can lead to negative effects. For instance, when sisters share a room and the oldest sister has to study but the younger ones just want to play, some negative effect can be seen on her success at school. Especially because they benefit fewer support outside of school. Parents cannot help all of their children with their school work. According to Kunz (2013), family stressors can be defined by the fast pace of life, changes, health problems, and child care or even stressors brought from within the family from an older generation.
Some difficulties that can take place within a large family. Parents have fewer time to spend individually with each children. The children can therefore live disappointments or frustrations, as well as the parents. Some conflicts can be encountered. Unfortunately, there are more opportunities of conflicts between the children. The older children are often asked for a lot ...

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...uld. The father’s authority in the family plays a great role also on how the children will become when they grow up. Parents teach respect, but children who are taught early how to obey will be more respectful to others.
To put it in a nutshell, living as a large family has its stressors and strengths which is what will built the family as a whole. Every family encounters stressors, in consequence their strength can help them overcome some of those. Large families tend to look at their strengths more than their stressors because they are a team, they are several who can confront stressors together. A suggestion for future research or for professionals working with families would be to find out what is the most effective strength a large family has, when there is a stressful event within the family and how smaller family could apply this strength in their own family.

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