Essay about Family 's Responsibilities And Responsibilities

Essay about Family 's Responsibilities And Responsibilities

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This chapter is about how each family has roles,responsibilities and rights, and understanding them better so we can help our client. There are several types of families; you have the norm, or the nuclear family ,nuclear family consists of mom,dad and kids. Then you have the extended family, meaning you have other generations living in your house. For example grandparents are now living with their children and grandchildren. Finally, you have a blended family; usually happens when parents divorce and get re-married. Because you are bringing two families together, to make the family whole. Blended families can be hard for the step-parent, because you do not want to over step your boudoirs on disciplining your step children. My family is a blended family, my parents got divorced when I was young, and then they both re-married. When you look at our families now, you hear more and more people getting divorced, so now you have single parenting taking effect.
In each family you have subsystem “ Consist of smaller units that carry out specific functions and together make up the whole.” (Crosson-towser, 23) You need to have a subsystem in a family because , it makes the family work better knowing about how decisions are being made. In a family you also need boundaries, meaning who you can and who you can not talk to. An example of boundaries is when parents, or even children have their bedroom door shut. The parents/children know that they want to be alone and need space from whom ever. Even though boundaries are something everyone needs, you also do not want to have to much boundaries that the family is neglecting one another. Because than you are going to have other issues, you will have families not eating dinner with one ano...

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...s on the family can take a toll and lash out to others who are not to blame like children or even towards the spouses. There are four tasks that can have dysfunction on a family (1) not being able to complete a task, (2) Not being able to deal with tasks that are not being started. (3) Not being able to deal with a crisis that is going on within the family. (4) Not being able to deal with other cultures. All of these can start to get to a family, if you do not know how to deal with a crisis and talk it out, all you going to do is cause the crises to get bigger than you will not be able to fix it.
Overall this chapter reading was very interesting to read, I have had read things about it in other classes but it seems like this chapter went into more detail in a way I am understanding it better. I am excited to read the other chapters and learn more about this field.

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