Family 's Presented Dynamics, Rituals, Beliefs, And Values Essay

Family 's Presented Dynamics, Rituals, Beliefs, And Values Essay

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1. Identify the family’s presented dynamics roles, rituals, beliefs, and values.
On the surface, the Jordan family appears to be everyone’s ideal representation of what a family should look like. Tony, the husband, is seen to be the head of the household. Elizabeth, the wife, assumes the role of a homemaker and caregiver by having submissive qualities. They have a nice home, desirable material goods and respectable careers; however, on the inside the family is damaged. Living with Jordan’s is equivalent to being on a battlefield.
Although there was a belief in a higher power, at the beginning of the movie, the relationship was weak. Elizabeth described her relationship with God as being lukewarm because she was an occasional church goer. The lack of faith was prevalent in their marriage, but when Miss Clara intervened with prayer strategies, their family flourished. The communication within the household improved and their marriage was restored.
2. What time period did this family exist? What was happening in Black America during this time period? In your opinion, does this movie help or hurt the image of the Black Family?
The family existed in today’s Modern Day society. During this time period, it is becoming increasingly common to see separated families. There are now more single parent households than there were during slavery. There is also the relevance of numerous violent cases, mass incarceration, and high rates of unemployment, all of which put a substantial amount of pressure on the family structure. Relationships are about balance, and when there is one individual contributing more than the other, it divides the unit.
The Jordan’s shed a positive light on the image of Black Families. No family is perfect and there...

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... feel is needed for this family’s survival.
This family needed spiritual guidance to survive. It is common that individuals lose sight of what it is important. Their communication suffers and there is no longer the same desire to be in a marriage; however, when God is involved in a relationship, he can fix anything. Prayer is the fighting force when there seems to be no hope.
The film, War Room, showed that families need constant communication, validation, and compassion to thrive. Communication is the most important quality because you have to adequately be able to express yourself without starting arguments. Validation is also pivotal. Members within a family need to be shown that they are appreciated and loved. Lastly, the family unit is designed to up lift one another. Compassion shows that despite of any wrongdoings or shortcomings, you will stick together.

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