Family 's Desire For My Family Essay examples

Family 's Desire For My Family Essay examples

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May 25, 2003, Ryuki was born two weeks early then his expected date, weighing in 5 pounds 2 ounces. He was such a tiny baby with a small appetite, which worrisome me as a mother. Ryuki was named by my mother (his grandmother) in which withholds the meaning of a strength of a dragon. As naming your child with a meaning is crucial around the world, I wanted a meaningful name for my son. Majority of the names are family’s desire for him or her to succeed in the future, or be loved by anyone. To my family’s aspiration, we wished for Ryuki to always have the strength to conquer any obstacles that might get in his way and never give up.
He was raised by me, a single mother with the support of my family till this day. I had taken Ryuki when he was a year old into my family’s home safely after a police escort to where I used to live with his biological father. Back and forth to family courts for six years, his father has lost custody and visitation rights due to “no shows” at court appearance as well as visitations. Ryuki has only seen his father twice until he had totally disappeared from our sight. As a single mother I did my best to do both parts as a parent. Unfortunately, I am not a male and could not replace his father. However, I do not regret to removing my son from his father as he had a drug and alcohol addiction as well as physically abusive towards me. Luckily, my son does not have any recollection of the incidents and fortunately his father never laid a hand on him. There were times where my heart was constantly in pain as I see him sadden to see he did not have a father. Seeing posters at school for “Father and Son day” or on Father’s Day. However, as soon as he made friends with children who they too had no...

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...inhalers whenever he has difficulty breathing but other than that he has no other medical problems.
I understand he panics and blanks out at times especially timed tests. He lacked organizational skills previously but is making much improvements. I noticed he strives better once he is recognized or praised for a job well done. I believe this creates self-confidence for him. At times he cannot express or explain his feeling well into words; which gets him upset. When asked a simple question, he tends to stay quiet because he is uncertain to answer the question because he is afraid his decision could turn out wrong. I constantly tell him not to worry and just say what you want to say. Like when asked what he wants to eat for dinner, I know he loves hamburgers and tacos so he shall say it. However, he has been improving to say what is on his mind more lately.

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