The Family 's Analysis, Conflict And Disengagement Essay

The Family 's Analysis, Conflict And Disengagement Essay

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Based on the family’s analysis, conflict and disengagement emerges from the client and her family dynamics. Parents and their children will continue to experience conflict when one person is unsatisfied about the other person’s behaviors or beliefs (Cichy, Lefkowitz, & Fingerman, 2013). There are certain “constructive” and “avoidant” strategies a person uses when in conflict with another individual (Cichy et al., 2013). For individuals who want to remove themselves from the discussion he or she may block the request for conversation by withdrawing (Cichy et al., 2013). In regards to families, the disengagement of parents to their children could impact the quality of relationship (Cichy et al., 2013).
Although the family may look like a strong unit, each member is ineffective when expressing their feelings with one another. The emotional boundaries between each member are too rigid. As a result, the family’s subsystems are disengaged because of the disconnection they have with one another (Birkenmaier et al., 2013, p. 245). The parents’ view on how to resolve conflict could cause dysfunction among the family members. For instance, the client’s brother and mother got in an argument about his cigarettes. According to the client’s brother, “I walked inside the house and mom just started yelling at me,” said the brother nodding his head, “she didn’t even ask me about my day or how I am” (personal communication, September 29, 2015). The brother’s example showed the dysfunction occurring in the family. Instead of solving the cigarette dilemma, the mother worsens her relationship with her son.
Family norms or rules of conduct are significant when maintaining homeostasis within the family (Birkenmaier et al, 2013, p. 244). Family norms co...

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...iend plays a significant role when the client feels overwhelmed with stress regarding work, school, family, and internship. Although the client disengages with her family, she still has the ability to engage with other individuals outside of her family.
Throughout this analysis, the client concluded that she developed empathy through the disengagement of her parents. Due to being shutdown by her parents numerous times, the client felt vulnerable and helpless because she felt her voice was not being heard. In social work, the purpose is to help individuals who experience injustice and lack a voice to be acknowledged. The client emphasizes and understands the frustration and predisposition that the underprivileged population feels. The client hopes to be the voice of vulnerable individuals because she hopes to prevent the disengagement of the people in their community.

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