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Family Relations : Family And Family Essay examples

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Family Ties
In reference to one of my favorite Disney quotes, “Ohana means family. Family means nobody gets left behind or forgotten” (Sanders). Although I believe this quote rings true, every person has a different background and no two family experiences are identical; therefore, everyone can define family in different ways. According to the Oxford Dictionaries, family is defined as a group comprised of parents and children that live in the same household. As time progresses, the term “family” continues to develop many new interpretations due to the further advancement of society. Since the 1950’s, the guideline for the ideal family has evolved into a more abstract portrayal of the traditional family. The definition of family has grown to not only encompass those in your immediate family, but also your cousins, aunts and uncles, grandparents, and sometimes your closest friends. In my case, my family are the people who support me through every obstacle, are close personal influences, provide for me, and those who I love unconditionally.
According to Stephanie Coontz, author of What We Really Miss About the 1950’s, people believe that the 1950’s era equipped society with a more “family-friendly economic and social environment”; however, Coontz discredits this belief by arguing that our nostalgia for the 1950’s era is quite misleading (Columbo, 27). In the 1950’s, the “traditional family” – a family that solely consists of a bread-winner father, a housewife mother, and a few children – was the consensus for the ideal family. In What We Really Miss About the 1950’s, Coontz argues that what most people reminisce about is the optimism and the inspired hope for the family’s long-term future (Columbo, 29). However, this hope and optimi...

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...or a closer sister and best friend.
Everyone has a different story and a unique family background. Although mine is not the ideal situation, it has taught me who is in my life for the long run and has given me the chance to know unconditional love. My dad has taught me that you have do your best to adjust and push through any obstacle. My best friend taught me that even though someone important to you may not be blood-related, that does not mean they can’t be considered as part of your family. My mother taught me that just because someone is blood-related, that does not imply that they will always support you or be active in your life; and sometimes there are extenuating circumstances that inhibit them from supporting you. Growing up in a modern, untraditional family has prepared and taught me to accept another’s family experiences and their definitions of family.

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