Family Outdoor Activities in Winter Park Resort, Colorado Essay

Family Outdoor Activities in Winter Park Resort, Colorado Essay

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Getting ready for a summer vacation at the Winter Park Resort? You’re on the right track. We’ll provide some tips and advises too; regarding all the family outdoor activities you can do there!

Colorado has breathtaking sceneries which are truly amazing. It can mesmerize your heart. In fact, the sceneries are so surreal that they actually look like paintings. These are maybe the reasons why people are flocking to Colorado for an extraordinary vacation. The mountains are so inviting. It feels like a magnet attracting you to taste its natural beauty. As a result, the feeling of not wanting to abandon this special place is there. Not only are the sceneries so beautiful, there are numerous things you can do in Winter Park Resort. It is a family friendly resort bursting with so many outdoor activities for everyone. So why don’t we enumerate now the outdoor activities. At the same time we will share with you some important information you might need to know.

Experience the thrilling Alpine Slide

This attraction is one of the highlights of the Winter Park Resort. In fact it is the Colorado’s longest Alpine Slide. But don’t be fooled with the long queue. Just go for it! The line is not that bad. It is moving just enough to realize that it is your turn. It is an exciting outdoor activity for you need to ride the chairlift first to get on top of the mountain. What’s exciting about this are the sceneries! So if you could bring a camera along with you on the chairlift ride- do so! You don’t want to miss the jaw-dropping scenic views during the ride. Once you have reached the top, review the instructions again. You can choose either the easy or difficult route. But we recommend you try the easy one first to get the hang out of it. The...

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...l day ticket. The details are as follows:

Half Day AM (10:00 am-2:00 pm) - $44.00 for Adult/Child; $14.00 for 5 years old and under

Half Day PM (1:30-5:30 pm) - $44.00 for Adult/Child; $14.00 for 5 years old and under

Full Day (10:00 am-5:30 pm) - $49.00 for Adult/Child; $14.00 for 5 years old and under

Actually there are more outdoor activities in store for you. You can go fishing, horse-back riding, and/or go for an ATV tour. And of course how could you miss the Colorado’s white water rafting! You can inquire for these activities in the Winter Park Resort’s reception area. There are towns nearby that offer these activities so make sure to check them out!

The Winter Park Resort is located at 239 Winter Park Drive Winter Park, Colorado 80482. The contact number is 800-979-0332. You can check their website for further details and special promotions.

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