Family Of The Abdi Family Essay

Family Of The Abdi Family Essay

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What is family? Family is a group consisting of parents and children living together in a household. The most important person of the family of the Abdi family is mom. In this family the mom is very soft hearted, her name is Safia, and even when she is frustrated and mad, she takes her time to calm down before dealing with anything. She 's protective of her kids. After going to school so many years, she has her masters in social work, and works with families daily to better their life. Also, she is dedicated, kind, sensible, and knowledgeable. The Dad in this family is the less restrictive parent. He 's always joking around with the family to make the day brighter, and he 's good at it. He also, loves to prank people by many different types of methods, whether is fake phone calls, or bring home a fake snake and throwing it at his kids. But he can also be very serious, when things need to get done, or accomplish. Basically he is very fun to be around. on the other hand, he is loving, and very much like the traditional dad’s. Moving on to the siblings of four, two girls and two boys. the eldest child this family had together is Salma, who is very intelligent. She is 25 years old, very funny like her dad, and outgoing person. She has gotten married las year, and has a 4-month old baby boy named Naas, and loving husband in her family. Sometimes she gets paranoid about little things, and suffers from depression and anxiety disorder. However, with the help of medication she accomplishes everything normally fine.
Second child is Yonis,23-year-old who is in the US Marines. Usually very kind, but can easily get irritated, and he has a temper that you have to watch for. He enjoys to party and go clubbing with close friends most of the tim...

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... of the family norms they developed is bake cookies in Christmas even though they do not celebrate the holiday, because they practice Islam. Another Family Norm is they do gardening as a family now, before they did not like doing the extra work put into gardening. One important transition this family experience is they will open up their own business in the next ten years. The kids will also leave off to college, and probably start their own families. The parents will have more time together after the kids leave. In ten years this family will not be the same, because the Dad will retire, and the youngest daughter will get her driver’s license which means she is more independent can help out the family more. Aweil will finish college and will help the family get started their business. Aweil will also start his own family by cohabiting with his girlfriend.

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