Family Members : The Same Type Of Family Essay

Family Members : The Same Type Of Family Essay

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Not everybody has the same type of family. Of course not; if we did, then we would all go on to live the same lifestyles, and that would be boring. Every family is different in their own way, and the biggest difference would be the family members themselves. The amount of family members can range from large, to medium, to small, but just what type of family members are they? There are strict parents, carefree grandparents, the no-show cousins, and many, many more. Family members of most to all kinds can be classified into the following three categories: family members who aren’t particularly close, long distance family members who are only seen once or twice a year, and family members who are always around, which is, without a doubt, something that everyone wants.

Let’s begin by talking about family members who aren’t particularly close and don’t always get along. It might not always be the latter, however, because sometimes the members of the family can be rather busy during the day and might not have much, if any, time to spend with their loved ones. Everyone knows that a busy schedule can get in the way from time to time – work, school, on-the-side activities, that sort of thing. This can cause immediate family members to hardly even be around, which can factor a reason why, for example, a child might not be close to his or her father due to his work load. Then, there’s those family members that can never agree on anything, even small factors such as the amount of money to spend after taking it out of the bank, or where to go for dinner. That can be when the arguments begin, and constant quarreling can cause a serious drop in the relationship of two or more family members. The strained relationship can cause these people to d...

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...them, taking them places or just hanging out in general. Unlike family members who aren’t close, this type has a much healthier relationship.

Types of family members can actually come in many, many forms, even if some aren’t quite as lucky as others. Though, I still believe that the most common ones are family members who aren’t always close, long distance family members, and family members who are always there, the most desired type out of them all. Apart from that, people also want a healthy relationship with their family members, and most people that do come out as the most dedicated and self-respected type of people. There is only one possibly type of family for the family members that make it up, and it’s different for everyone. You can always ask yourself these questions: what type of family members do you have, and do you have a healthy relationship with them?

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